BuchAs announced earlier, the book version of my PhD thesis is now finally out. You can order it at several places, for instance at LIT Verlag itself or at Amazon.com.

After five and a half years, it feels strange that this project has now reached its end. I am deeply grateful for all the support I received from many people in the good and bad times on this way.

Especially, I would like to thank my grandfather who kept on pushing me from the beginning. Moreover, I thank my wife Alexandra for her emotional and intellectual support. Now I can calm down all friends and relatives by promising that no one has to discuss this topic with me anymore (at least in the near future ;-).



It took about five years, but now my study on the relevance of media and communications studies for public relations professionals is finally complete. The results in a nutshell: While many practitioners tend to ignore the results of the subject or even refuse the discipline as a whole, there seems to be group of PR professionals with specific characteristics which deeply raise their interest in academia. (more…)

“SuperSolaris”, “TropicHeat” and “Genesis21” – names of my old hobby games

A few days ago, I accidentally found some old and very simple computer games on my Mac again, which I had initially written in a Basic language to be run on Unix/Linux. It made me smile when I remembered the many hours which today seem wasted by writing these little programs. Wasted because I invested so much time into something which had absolutely nothing to do with my studies or my job today. They were mostly classic 1980s style arcade games in which you could fly spaceships in a 2D environment just like when I was a child. (more…)

The market place of knowledge society: Who’s buying the results of media and communications studies? Source: http://bit.ly/HFHr9U

The “knowledge society” belongs to a group of buzzwords which are often being criticized for their blurriness. It comes with equally vague synonyms such as “knowledge economy” or “information society” and, in the eye of most people, it only says that knowledge has become a highly critical strategic resource these days. In order to get rid of some of this blurriness, I wanted to know whether this argument also holds true in the concrete case of media and communications studies. (more…)


“None of our politicians since Franklin has found such a direct contact to the masses”. Eleanor Roosevelt about John F. Kennedy (Photo: http://bit.ly/iWNn4)

In these days, Barack Obama is negotiating with the Republicans over the national debt limit and, in the end, over America’s creditworthiness and the country’s future rating on the financial markets. The talks prove to be extremely complicated for the man who had been carried in the White House on a wave of enthusiasm. And the next election campaign is just around the corner. The question is: Can he repeat his success from 2008 where he ran a brilliant grassroots campaign? (more…)

Max Frisch turned 100Max Frisch turned 100 (Source: http://bit.ly/iOtP6c)

Bob Dylan just turned 70. And Max Frisch turned 100. Well, at least he would have. Both artists are very important to me. The way both Dylan and Frisch express (or expressed) themselves somehow speaks to me. Why is that so? I think it’s the same reason why I like the paintings of Edward Hopper. Everything these people create has some kind of beauty. (more…)

Noam Chomsky

Noam Chomsky (Source: http://bit.ly/gYOtrn)

Of course I was disappointed. When I followed the German news on the UN Climate Conference in Copenhagen in 2009, I got the feeling that the world was unable to adress the size of the challenge ahead. I fully agreed with the coverage in German newspapers, which emphasised that this had probably been the last chance to turn the game around – and that we failed to take it. Yet, facing the the rather uniform coverage on Copenhagen, I started wondering whether media in the US or China would be treating the topic in a similar way. (more…)

Yosemite National Park from Glacier Point.

I loved every second. From the touchdown in LA to the helicopter flight through the Grand Canyon. I surely did one of the most travelled trips through the states at all (LA – Sequoia National Park – Yosemite – Death Valley – Vegas – Grand Canyon – LA). Yet, the beauty of this country made me forget my “Ze-German-Tourist-on-his-way”-appearance completely. I was too impressed to feel embarrassed. (more…)

Abel Tasman National Park in New Zealand.

The media had only one topic in the days right before my visit to New Zealand: The earthquake in Christchurch. Even though I had been a bit worried at first – it did not affect my journey at all. I was lucky to have a nice trip through the whole northern and  a small part of the southern island. Yet: It was winter. (more…)

Hong Kong from Victoria Peak.

No, it’s not rain. When there is clear blue sky and 33 degrees celcius in Hong Kong, the only water coming from above is the tiny cool drops running out of the thousands of air conditionings on the walls of every building. When I first crossed Nathan Road in Kowloon, I wondered how much energy this city would possibly consume on a single day. Yet, the beauty of Hong Kong struck me from the very first moment of my journey. (more…)