I’m on my way

Somewhere in Lower Bavaria 2005

Hi and welcome to my blog.

Finding the right words for a good start is never easy and therefore I just started typing. The picture you see above was taken during a car ride through Lower Bavaria in 2005. And basically it shows the state this blog is in: I’m on my way. This is a blog about various things I come across in my life. Mostly it will be about my field of studies and work, media and communications. However, I will also cover all the interesting things I come to know during my journeys and the conversations with inspiring people – things which otherwise would just be locked away in my head.

So please feel free to comment on my stories and let me know how you think about my points of view. Or about the current performance of Bayern Munich. Or about anything you want to tell me … I am really looking forward to hearing from you and I hope that I can give you something in this blog in return.

Regards, Christoph


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  1. Marc says:

    Finde ich gut. Freu mich drauf. Und bloß nicht mürbe werden.