Hong Kong. From Kowloon to Repulse Bay

Hong Kong from Victoria Peak.

No, it’s not rain. When there is clear blue sky and 33 degrees celcius in Hong Kong, the only water coming from above is the tiny cool drops running out of the thousands of air conditionings on the walls of every building. When I first crossed Nathan Road in Kowloon, I wondered how much energy this city would possibly consume on a single day. Yet, the beauty of Hong Kong struck me from the very first moment of my journey.

The amazing view from Victoria Peak over the bay and the countless skyscrapers was probably the most impressive highlight of my first day. When looking down on the giant ships moving through the harbour and all the global banks, you forget about the financial crisis for a while. It really feels like standing in the middle of one of the nervous centers of Asia’s economy.

Moreover, the glooming advertisements on the streets at night time, the exotic smell from the Chinese markets and the amazing food in the countless restaurants convinced me very quickly that Hong Kong definitely deserves its reputation as one of the world’s most interesting cities.

After a 12 hours flight from London over central Asia and a quick ride in the airport express to Hong Kong Central, life was not too complicated: By looking at the road signs, the street names and the bank buildings, the old British colony reminded me many times of London. Everybody I asked for direction or any kind of help was very kind. For somebody without any Chinese language skills like me, this was a great deal: I made it to Repulse Bay, Hong Kong’s most popular beach, by bus on my first day. There’s more to come!