New Zealand. From Auckland to Christchurch

Abel Tasman National Park in New Zealand.

The media had only one topic in the days right before my visit to New Zealand: The earthquake in Christchurch. Even though I had been a bit worried at first – it did not affect my journey at all. I was lucky to have a nice trip through the whole northern and  a small part of the southern island. Yet: It was winter.

Approximately 10 out of my 12 days at the Tasmanian Sea were rainy and cold, in Henmar Springs there was even snow. Hence, I surely did not get to know the amazing blooming landscapes of New Zealand.

However, besides my red nose and a sour throat, the road trip paid out anyway: Especially the volcanic region around lake Taupo was extremely fascinating. While I had been to the Vesuvius before, the size and liveliness of this region was very different: You can walk for miles and find smoking stones and hot water at every corner.

On the other hand, I did not really fall in love with Auckland and Wellington. I got nearly swept away by rain showers and spring storms (even though I was lucky not to catch any ferry or plane on the worst days). Therefore, after nearly two weeks of rugby, kiwis, wind and rain it was time for a new destination – California.