USA. From Los Angeles to Arizona

Yosemite National Park from Glacier Point.

I loved every second. From the touchdown in LA to the helicopter flight through the Grand Canyon. I surely did one of the most travelled trips through the states at all (LA – Sequoia National Park – Yosemite – Death Valley – Vegas – Grand Canyon – LA). Yet, the beauty of this country made me forget my “Ze-German-Tourist-on-his-way”-appearance completely. I was too impressed to feel embarrassed.

Every day seemed to compete with the other ones. Touching General Sherman Tree in Sequia National Park. Being frozen to nearly zero degrees celcius on the camping ground on 2000 metres (put your food in the bear box!). Taking a glance from Glacier Point in Yosemite. Driving through the Death Valley and passing by the “Death Valley School Bus” (no joke). Avoiding the depths of Las Vegas. Swimming in Lake Mead. Passing the Hoover Dam. Looking for the Colorado River between the cliffs of the Canyon (smaller than I expected).

As soon as I found the right video converter, I will post something here… better than squeezing this trip into several lines, I guess.