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As announced earlier, the book version of my PhD thesis is now finally out. You can order it at several places, for instance at LIT Verlag itself or at After five and a half years, it feels strange that this project has now reached its end. I am deeply grateful for all the support […]

It took about five years, but now my study on the relevance of media and communications studies for public relations professionals is finally complete. The results in a nutshell: While many practitioners tend to ignore the results of the subject or even refuse the discipline as a whole, there seems to be group of PR […]

The market place of knowledge society: Who’s buying the results of media and communications studies? Source: The “knowledge society” belongs to a group of buzzwords which are often being criticized for their blurriness. It comes with equally vague synonyms such as “knowledge economy” or “information society” and, in the eye of most people, it […]